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Individual Career Development

Are you an individual who has been applying for jobs, internships and programs relentlessly without much success? Do you have great qualities that just do not seem to wow the interviewing panel? It’s ok, it happens. Did you know that interviewing is a skill, that is not taught or recognized as a professional skill? Well, don’t worry we at the Career Development Group have you covered. We provide a practical approach to interviewing, using mock interviews, workshops and one to one coaching to ensure you are prepared for the big day. We have helped thousands of individuals secure their dream job. Let us help you do the same.

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Diversity Equality and Inclusion

Executive Coach

Leaders of today are faced with fast-paced change and tougher environmental challenges today compared to twenty years ago. Sometimes, those leaders need a sounding board, a coach and a confidante to help them to shape their priorities. The Career Development Group’s approach to executive coaching allows you as a leader to explore your effectiveness, push your boundaries and overcome those tough business obstacles you face. Let us help you to unleash your potential to be the leader everyone needs you to be.

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