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By 2025, Generation Z (the generation born between 1997-2012) will comprise about 27% of the global workforce according to the World Economic Forum, and Millenials (the generation born between 1981 and 1996) already make up 37% of the workplace today.  And successfully hiring, engaging, developing and retaining young people under 40 means that you have to work harder on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion because their experiences and expectations are very different.

And its not just for their sake!


Its also for your own future sustainable growth.

Because research shows that more diverse and inclusive businesses are more innovative and have 19% higher revenues.

You may be inadvertently holding back your potential high performers, with under-represented groups stuck in middle-management in roles for which they are over-qualified.

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As, even if you know that there are benefits to having greater Diversity, Equality and Inclusion and that this will make you more attractive as an employer, it can be challenging to articulate the Return on Investment. But, if you dont youll struggle to attract and retain millennials and Gen Z.

So what can you do to accelerate your progress towards greater Diversity, Equality and Inclusion with a demonstrable Return on Investment?

Thats where we come in…

The Career Development Group is a revolutionary people development business consultancy, specializing in Diversity, Equality and Inclusion across Finance and Tech.

We focus on helping you to empower your team to realise more of their true potential to achieve your business growth goals through fulfilling your Diversity, Equality and Inclusion objectives.

And have vast experience in helping hundreds of businesses like yours to develop sound business cases demonstrating a strong return on investment and coherent strategies and development plans for deployment across the whole organisation.


We use a proven 5-step process to…

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