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How to Build a Leadership Team of Happy, Engaged Millennials

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Millennial Leaders Need Engaging

When you think about the Millennial generation, you probably think about a soft and fair group, reaping the rewards and hard work of Baby Boomers and Gen X who were built from tough grit and determination. The groups that dealt with the fall out of world war, growth in technology and the obsession with capitalism and material possession.

What if I told you that Millennials are made of tougher stuff, would you believe me? Without a doubt, the Millennial generation has been given a bad reputation for being entitled, lazy, technology and vanity obsessed but we need to realize it will be these individuals who will be our organisation’s senior leaders in less than ten years and right now most organizations are not equipped to attract this generation of leaders-to-be. Their employee value propositions are skewed to attract an older, more traditional workforce and this needs to change now for organizations to be able to survive and thrive in the future.

The millennial generation does not want company cars, two weeks of vacation time and to work in an office with a suit or a tie. No. They need something more. They need emotionally intelligent colleagues, OKRs, a shared company vision and they need perks that make their lives richer.

The Career Development Group specializes in strategizing and consulting with organizations who are obsessed with their biggest resource, their people, and we have put together a few points below to get you started on creating a vision that is future-proofed and ready to thrive.

Create a culture of sharing

Share experiences, share actions and ensure that cross-collaboration is always at the top of your agenda. You can do this through employee working groups, OKR leadership and practical mentoring programs to name just a few.

Be learning-centric

The world is changing at an unprecedented speed, and Millennials are worried about their skills becoming obsolete. So, offer development opportunities regularly, train and coach managers to be coaches and ensure that you have a robust career planning and leadership development program.

Be flexible

Work/life balance is a mantra for this talented group so to attract and retain them you will need to offer a combination of remote work, wellness strategies and good quality technology so that they can choose where and how they work. 

Contrary to common belief, the Millennial group is hard-working and dedicated to their job and they want to have an impact on your business, you just need to know how to motivate them with the right culture, tools and environment.

For a personalized assessment of your organization’s ability to attract high-potential leaders from the Millennial generation contact us at

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