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Leaders Are Made Not Born

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Leaders Are Not Born...Leaders Are Created.

Do you know leaders are made not born? Have you looked at a strong person who is upfront, decisive, an action taker who acts fast, and makes things happen, and have you dismissed these people, thinking that they are born leaders?

Well, the truth is, only babies are born. Every other skill needs to be learned.

Leaders Are Made Not Born

These people that you notice, who make things happen, have learned the skill of being a leader. They have had experiences that taught them, they have had mentors that taught them, and they have taught themselves by reading, observing other people, and by taking actions and risks, which resulted in them becoming a leader.

There is no age to be a leader. But there must be a decision made to be a leader.

A leader influences others, inspires others, encourages others, and accomplishes goals.

A leader takes quick decisions and sticks by the consequences of those decisions.

A leader analyses failures but moves on to future successes quickly, banking their learning for future decisions.

If you have bigger aspirations for your career and wish to be one such leader, then you need to act now.

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